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Our sensory 3-pack is the perfect screen free activity, birthday gift, or play date activity! Each jar contains 9oz of sensory sand or play dough. We ship the goodies in a separate container so that your child receives a FULL jar of dough!

Jar 1: Ice cream

Natural Sensory sand, 2 waffle cones, a cherry, sprinkles, ice cream bowl, and spoon!

Jar 2: Mermaid

Blue Sensory Sand, mermaid, mermaid tails, starfish, baby mermaid

Jar 3: Unicorns

Scented play dough, big and small unicorns + rainbows


Sensory Sand & Play Dough 3 pack - Ice Cream + Unicorns + Mermaid

  • No returns or refunds. Please reach out to with any concerns. Jessica will do everything to make your order right.

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