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Moving beyond the traditional sugar rush of play dates and parties. Sweeter than candy and filled with love! This sensory jar includes 8-9 trinkets, a cookie cutter, scooper, bowl, and kinetic sand. Our Sweeter than Candy Jar helps foster creativity and provides true engagement for hours! This is also the perfect reward for good behavior, party favor, distraction for long travel, and screen-free play! Each jar comes individually wrapped with grosgrain ribbon. Choose from among 3 different sand colors.

Let's let them be little - and encourage the wonder seeker in them - for as long as we can.

Sweeter than Candy Sensory Jar

SKU: all-seasons9
  • Kinetic sand provides a tactile and sensory experience for both kids AND adults!  This is a quick grab-and-go activity that can engage your child for hours, giving them a break from screen time.  Allowing their imagination to run free is how we spark a sense of wonder in our children. 

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