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The largest version of our ice cream shop sensory kit will keep your child engaged in play for hours given the vibrant colors, textures, smells, and variety. Your child is guaranteed to find the magic in creating their very own ice-cream shop. Fellow momma's out there; you might just do the same!

The max includes:

2 colorful ice cream scoopers

3 different colors of play dough 

3 minature waffle cones

2 waffle bowls

6 rainbow spoons (for serving of course!)

8 containers of sprinkles

candy trinkets

3 straws

...and of course, cherries. What would a sundae be without a cherry on top?!

The container itself is the perfect size for scooping, pouring, and creating.


We all Scream for Ice Cream! Sensory Kit: Large

SKU: all-seasons4
  • Our Sensory Kits come in 2 sizes: "The Mid" and "The Max."  This is the larger of the two. 

    Ice Cream is undoubtedly an excellent theme for sensory play.  I mean, do you know any child who doesn't like ice cream on a warm summer day?  Sensory exploration encourages open ended play and  imagination, while simultaneously contributing to vocabulary development.  Moreover, sensory-based experiences focus on the innate sense of wonder in our little ones.  I have 3 year old customers loving this all the way up to teens (and if we're going to be honest, I can do this for hours with my own twins).  


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