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Hello, warm weather! How about rethinking the traditional birthday gift? This newly released kit/bin includes:

1. Three canisters of vivid and colorful sensory rice (2.5 pounds!)

2. A bonus carrot filled with a 4th color of rice

3. A funnel (I mean would it even be sensory rice without a funnel?!)

4. A golden scooper

5. A bunny in a basket

6. Five baby "chicks"

7. Three glittery eggs

8. A trinket-filled chick 🐣

9. Two fabric sensory carrots 🥕

10. Two bonuses: An 8 oz container of kinetic sand and a surprise!

Sensory Rice Kit

  • No returns or refunds. Please reach out to with any concerns. Jessica will do everything to make your order right.

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