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The perfect party favor or end of the year gift for classmates! Our "candy shop" push-pop has all the fun but without the sugar rush of a candy shop. This themed push-pop includes 7-8 candy store trinkets along with 4-5oz of brightly colored homemade & scented play dough. Our playdough push-pops foster creativity, fine motor skills, and provide true engagement for hours! Let's let them be little - and encourage the wonder seeker in them - for as long as we can.

Class set of 15: Candy Shop Push-Pop

  • Playdough provides a tactile and sensory experience for both kids AND adults!  This is a quick grab-and-go activity that can engage your child for hours, giving them a break from screen time.  Engaging in sensory play must be a part of their everyday.  Have a long wait in the doctor's office, car ride, plane ride?  Bring it. Let your child's imagination run free; this is how we spark a sense of wonder in our children. 

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