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A Wide World of Wonder

The Power of Play:  Sensory Kits for Kids


Welcome to our World of Wonder 

Lexington, South Carolina

Our carefully curated sensory-based kits are built around the innate sense of wonder in  children.  We believe that all children need the freedom of exploration and discovery in order to build a strong foundation for emotional and cognitive learning.  Our sensory kits deepen curiosity, creativity, confidence and connection. Wide World of Wonder packages magic that is multi-sensory, real, and open-ended.  We embrace those fleeting years filled with magic, discovery and wonder.  Give the gift of joyful exploration!



Our Sensory Kits

Give the gift of joyful exploration, discovery, and wonder 

There are no seven wonders of the world to a child.  There are seven million.  

-Walt Streightiff


The Family Behind A Wide World of Wonder  


Meet the inspiring family behind A Wide World of Wonder, where passion for play and learning intertwine. With creativity at the helm, we ensure that each sensory kit sparks joy and curiosity in children worldwide. Join us on our adventure, as we cultivate a sense of wonder one discovery at a time.  

Jessica:  Mom

Chris:   Dad

& our wonder seekers:  

Cameron and Chase


IMG_7612 (1)_edited.jpg

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder. 

- EB White

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Lexington, South Carolina 

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