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About Us

Our Story

At the tender age of two, I began to notice subtle yet significant differences in how my twins experienced the world around them. Sensory issues, like a symphony of overwhelming sensations, colored my days in ways others couldn't comprehend. But amidst the confusion and worry, early intervention became our guiding light, our beacon of hope. It wasn't just about overcoming obstacles; it was about embracing a journey.

Those early days, fraught with uncertainty, taught me invaluable lessons about the power of sensory input. It wasn't just a matter of comfort; it was a fundamental need, an innate craving shared by all children.



My inspiration, my guiding stars through it all, have been the twins. 

We spend 90% of our time exploring the great outdoors.  Science experiments, building, magnatiles, cooking, and crafts fill the rest of the day.  Just for fun one rainy Sunday, we made our first batches of play dough and kinetic sand.  

They played with it for hours. 

This insatiable curiosity fueled a fire within me to share our experiences with parents everywhere. We embarked on a journey of innovation, designing sensory kits  crafted to engage children in a minds-on and hands-on way. Our kits encompass a world of tactile wonders, from the soothing texture of play dough and rice to the mesmerizing flow of kinetic sand, including shells found on our adventures all over the world.


Sensory input isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. It's the cornerstone upon which ALL children build their understanding of the world, their relationships, and themselves.

In every squeeze of play dough,  in every giggle of delight as kinetic sand runs through their fingertips, we see the transformative power of sensory play.  It's our greatest privilege to share our products with you, to spark the same flames of curiosity and creativity that burn bright within every child.


Now 6 years old, my twins are thriving academically and socially.  Educators describe them as budding scientists and mathematicians who seek out challenging and engaging learning experiences.  This is a true testament to the power of sensory play.  

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